The countdown is on when the first holiday feels hit you, and that begins in...
The countdown is on when the first holiday feels hit you, and that begins in 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1...
How do you feel when you’re planning a vacation? Excited? Happy? Definitely, right!?
AND, your stress levels are instantly diminished,
AND you’re in a better space to deal with day-to-day challenges,
AND you are reinvigorated to tackle the world!
Let us open the cabin doors and
break your fever with a bit of holiday medication.
In a recent survey, we asked a few Members to share their first post-Lockdown holiday experience with us, so we could share those holiday feels with you!
"We were so excited to be back at one of the awesome VRS-managed Resorts, where we always feel welcome and at home. We loved seeing the familiar warm, friendly smiles on arrival and the comfort of knowing that everything was in place to ensure our safety and well-being."
- Johan Pietersen
"What a rewarding experience! We loved the feeling of freedom our breakaway gave us and having so much space and so many options of things to do and see on the Resort." - Candice Giles
"We loved it! It was so good to be off on a holiday adventure and able to experience the great outdoors and beautiful views, after being locked-in for months-on-end."
- Jacques Moolman
"The check-in process was excellent! It was simple, without any hassles and every precaution has been put in place to ensure our peace of mind." - Saadia Essa
"Check-in was handled really well! The COVID-19 protocols take some getting used to, but our health and safety was clearly the Resort's top priority." - Elzette Du Toit
"Overall, the experience was good! The check-in process was quick and easy, even with the newly implemented COVID-19 protocols." - Elmarie Keen

We have finally been given the green-light to open our Club Resorts to welcome inter-provincial travellers and we couldn’t be happier!
Escape the hustle and bustle of busy city living and plan your next getaway to a Club Resort.
To find out more, visit the LPA blog.

( Especially when compared to previous flip-flopping announcements about leisure travel! )
Stay tuned with the latest Lockdown Low-down on COVID-19. Read the most recent announcement by Government as well as regulations relating to tourism. Also, delve into the archive filled with interesting reads and previous communications.
Read more here

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that Government Regulations surrounding the South African lockdown and COVID-19 are continuously being amended and updated. As such, we remain committed to providing you with relevant communications which are accurate and reflect the latest updates at the time of publishing. These regulations are subject to change and may need to be reviewed on occasion. We thank you for your understanding.