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Silly Season
We are once again very excited to share something NEW with you…
If you’ve been on the LPA website recently, you might’ve already spotted this gem.
Here’s to officially welcoming Afriski to our resort portfolio!
If your ideal holiday entails loads of high-energy summer fun in the midst of nature, then get ready to have your mind blown!

Afriski is often referred to as the "winter playground for skiers and snowboarders alike"; but it’s becoming increasingly more popular during the warmer summer months; with the greenest valleys and mountains, baby blue skies and earnest African sun. You’d be surprised to find that Afriski is the ultimate playground for adventurous summer fun too!

With such a unique and adaptable location, nothing is off the table. Mountain biking, fly fishing, hiking, 4X4 trails, monster rollers, paintball, adventure bike outrides and abseiling are all good options to get the adrenaline pumping in this high-energy, high-altitude utopia.

Tucked away in the highlands of northern Lesotho, Afriski is equally ideal for families looking to spend quality time together in a peaceful and picturesque mountainous environment. The chalet accommodation of varying sizes, overlooks the breath-taking Lesotho landscape.
AfriSki Budget Picnic Recipe Lounge
Travelling on a budget
    So that you have more money left for activities, gifts and delicious Festive Season treats!    
Book Pre-book add-ons such as breakfast hampers and spa treatments beforehand, at discounted rates. Only available at Monateng Safari Lodge, Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge, Ngwenya Lodge and Sudwala Lodge.
  Use public or free Wi-Fi (avoid using public networks for internet banking or when dealing with confidential information).
Specials Always keep an eye out for specials – most establishments offer early booking, last-minute, off-peak season and many other discounts. Not only on the accommodation portion, but also on meals, spa visits and more.  
  If you’ve accumulated voyager miles, use them for car rental, grocery shopping while on holiday or other redeemable offers. Grocery
Pack light Pack light. When travelling long distance, you’d be surprised at the difference that a little bit of additional weight can make to your petrol costs.  
  Package your spices, dishwashing liquid and other small oddities into tic-tac boxes or Tupperware, to avoid having to purchase large quantities while on holiday. It also makes it easier to travel with, and you can take all your favourites spices along.
  Travel with rewards in mind. Most banks and supermarket chains offer reward cards or options, so if you get more points by filling up at Engen, rather try to fill up at Engen. Also let these accumulate for a while, so that you’ve got loads of rewards to tap into while on holiday. Rewards
  Use your e-tag for tollgates and start loading money onto your e-tag months before travelling. That way, it’s not cash out of pocket and feels like less expenditure. Tag
Snack Pre-make your snacks. Padkos is a firm South African travel tradition, and the kids love it. Get creative with smiley sandwiches, meatballs, chicken wings and other tasty treats. Home-made cookies are sure to make any road-trip experience even better!  
  Buy in bulk and take everything with you except for fresh produce. Stack your cooler box with frozen meat and other products, to keep it fresh and cool for the entire journey. Cooler
Card Where applicable, take your student and pensioner cards along and get awesome discounts for entry into museums, botanical gardens and other excursions.  
  Decide what’s most important to you beforehand and allocate your funds accordingly. Foodies might plan to spend less on excursions and more on wining and dining, whereas explorers might choose to spend less on accommodation and more on experiences. Excursions
Food Don’t budget for food, except wining and dining experiences. Take what’s in your fridge. By emptying your fridge you’re essentially reducing wastage and you would have eaten at home anyway, so food can be considered a part of the cost of living.  
AfriSki Budget Picnic Recipe Lounge

We are convinced that there is a perfect spot for a family or romantic picnic AT EVERY LPA DESTINATION. Hidden amongst tall trees, on a soft sandy beach, or amidst the South African bushveld.

We dare you to find the PERFECT picnic spot! And we’d like to hear about it, so why not
share a few snapshots of your perfect picnic on the LPA Facebook page?

Citronella 1. Surround your picnic spot with Citronella incense sticks to keep mozzies and other insects at bay. This is especially handy for a bushveld picnic or when picnicking near a water source.  
Flashlight 2. Carry light – the best spots are often just a bit further away from civilisation, so be prepared to walk and substitute metal cutlery and heavy items for something a bit lighter. PS – the more you eat, the less you have to carry back!  
Ice cream 3. AVOID ice cream, sticky puddings, koeksisters and cakes – not only are you avoiding a sticky mess, but you won’t be tempting the wasps and bees with your delicious sugary candy…  
Juice 4. Put juice boxes and other drinks into the deep freeze a few hours before the picnic. That way, you don’t have to carry extra ice around and your goodies can stay fresh and cold for the duration of your picnic.  
5. We cannot stress this one enough – wet wipes! Even if you follow tip #3, a wet wipe is always handy!  
Electronics 6. Leave the electronics at home and lose yourself in the beautiful nature all around you. Electronics are an instant conversation-killer, and defeats the purpose of ‘getting away from it all’.  
Bag 7. Take a bag with to keep your rubbish under control. Simply tie it closed and chuck it in the next bin you find.  
Time 8. Heading to supermarkets to stock up on finger treats means you miss out big time! Think of the fun you can have, baking biscuits together, threading the toothpicks, and making smiley-face sandwiches. As an added reward, you’ll be saving a bit of extra cash to spend on more fun experiences.
Bottle opener 9. Don’t forget a bottle opener – this already starts when you’re at home, busy packing your bags for your holiday. No bottle opener = no wine, sorry!
10. Take along a Frisbee, ball or skipping rope. Nature might just inspire your inner-child to come out and PLAY! Be ready to embrace it…
AfriSki Budget Picnic Recipe Lounge
Chocolate Peppermint


What You Need:

250 g of milk or semi-sweet chocolate
250 g of white chocolate
1/4 cup crushed peppermints

How Do You Make This Yumminess:

1. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Set aside.

Chocolate Bark

2. Fill two saucepans about 1/3 of the way full with water. Pop them on the stove and bring to a boil, lower the temperature a bit so it's a low boil. Place a heat safe glass bowl over top of each saucepan. Be sure the bottom of the bowl does not touch the top of the water.

3. Place one kind of chocolate in each of the two bowls. Keep the water hot so the chocolate can melt. This double boiler method is my favourite way to melt chocolate.

4. Once each chocolate is smooth you can spoon them alternately onto the cookie sheet. Continue to spoon onto the cookie sheet until all the chocolate is gone. Now take a butter knife and drag it slowly though the colours to create the marble effect. I go in one direction, then the other until I get the effect I want.

5. Toss the peppermints over top. We suggest having some broken pieces, and some larger pieces. It just makes for fun bites.

6. Pop the bark in the fridge for an hour or two to allow it to set up. Snap the pieces by hand, or cut with a knife.

7. Serve with a big smile!


Top Tips

To find the perfect peppermints try Spar, Woolies, Makro or a bulk sweets shop, or substitute it for crushed candy canes or broken cherries

Add marshmallows in between – be warned that it will be loads of sticky fun

Sprinkle with sparkle dust for a Christmassy glow

Did someone say ‘Christmas gift idea’?!


And there you have it;
a bit of extra Christmas magic to enjoy this Festive Season!

Credit to Cravings of a Lunatic:


Download recipe
AfriSki Budget Picnic Recipe Lounge
Members lounge
Make sure that you print your confirmation letter. This action serves to confirm with the Resort that you will be occupying your LPA week. Plus, it’s the best way to start getting excited for your breakaway. Don’t forget to take your printed confirmation letter along on holiday as you will need to present this at the resort in order to gain access.
• Portfolio Fees must be paid and confirmation letters printed at least three months prior to the occupancy date.
• Pack your printed confirmation letter before you leave home.
• If you've banked your week/weekend/midweek, don't forget to use your exchange points to make a reservation.
• Secure extra holidays with LPA’s ExtraOrdinary Escapes.
If you are visiting Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge, Sudwala Lodge, Monateng Safari Lodge or Ngwenya Lodge, you can pre-book holiday essentials such as braai hampers and breakfasts with our LPA Boosters! Stress less, enjoy more! Click here to find out more…
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From 18 to 20 December, between 08:00 and 15:00, there will be skeleton staff available to deal with urgent enquiries, however we do expect high call volumes and ask that you please contact us before then for general enquiries.

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