You can now transact with your week once you’ve paid 25% of your current year’s Portfolio Fee...
LPA - You've asked and we listened!
LPA wants you to be able to secure a holiday, further in advance, to give you more options when it comes to Banking and Booking a holiday.
After our recent survey results, we found an overwhelming response from our members wanting to be able to Deposit their weeks further in advance.

So, we listened. As of 19 February 2020, LPA will let you Deposit your week to LPA Options after paying just 25% of your Portfolio Fee; instead of waiting until you have paid the full amount 3 months prior to occupation. This will give you more time to plan an Exchange and give you more availability in advance. Just remember T&C’s apply and you need to keep paying after the 25%.
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If you are not planning to use your own week, don’t lose it! Deposit it earlier, get your Tokens and book an alternative holiday.
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Don't miss out on the opportunity to create everlasting memories.

Happy holidaying,
The LPA Team
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