Terms and Conditions


Once you’ve paid 25% of your current year’s portfolio fee, you can transact with your LPA Home Resort week. This means that – if you are not occupying your week yourself in any given year – you can deposit your week and receive Tokens to the value of that week, to use to book an alternative holiday at another Resort, at another time; OR place your week up for rental.

Once you have banked your week and been issued your Tokens you have peace of mind knowing that you can come back and book a holiday at a time and place that suits you best and, in fact, you have a whole two (2) year window in which to use those Tokens.

However, should you fall into arrears after making use of the above options, you will be penalised and the Tokens will be reversed.

If you are penalised, in line with the stated Ts & Cs, but rectify the arrears within three (3) years from the date your week was banked, then your Tokens will be reinstated.

This exclusive offer will only be available on a trial basis and the current rule of paying the full fee to deposit may be reinstated should members abuse the new amendment.

This offer/allowance is only valid in respects of banking weeks to the LPA Options pool.