Mpumalanga: Rise with the Sun

Taking in the beauty of the Mpumalanga scenery

Over four billion years ago… Madagascar and Antarctica separated from Africa and left us with two contrasting regions that we now call the Lowveld and the Highveld. Mpumalanga is where the sun rises and its glory touches everything in its shadow. Mpumalanga is a place of many contrasts and visitors from all walks of life

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South Coasting Like A Local

South Coast

6 Ways to Have Fun on the South Coast of KZN There is no denying it – the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal is a magnificent area with so much to do, but often the real gems are the ones that only the locals know and love. The type of places that takes a bit of

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7 Helpful Tips and Tricks For A Fun Filled Road Trip With The Kids

road trip tips and tricks

We believe the holiday should start the moment you cross the threshold of your home and climb into your car on the way to the destination. The idea of a road trip sounds massively appealing – customised playlists, delicious “pad-kos”, on the road selfies and for the passengers… a possible nap. Sounds so ideal! But

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The latest and greatest travel trends of 2017

travel trends

When someone mentions travel trends, it’s easy to think “Trends? Don’t people just go where they feel like going at that moment?” Well, actually that isn’t necessarily the way people operate. You see there are so many factors that influence people’s travel plans and of course which destinations they decide to travel to. Like different

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Why everyone SHOULD go on vacation

go on vacation

Whenever we are considering doing something in our lives, changing jobs, taking up a certain hobby starting a diet, the first thing we tend to do is research why that particular aspiration is good for us – how it will benefit us or improve our lives. Well, if that’s what is needed to convince us

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