Remember, Remember …Holiday Time Spent Together!

Project yourself back to your first-holiday memory – what do you see? Perhaps it begins like this: You’re about 6 years old and the sun has just begun to rise and break through the night sky, birds chirping as they swoop down to find their early-bird-worm-of-champions. You can barely contain your excitement, or remember to

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LPA Options: Imagine a family holiday…


…surrounded by mystical forest, breath-taking misty views and the sounds of nature all around you. OR …picturesque views from your private outdoor deck with distinctive architecture, and golden beaches lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. OR …at a Resort nestled on the bank of the Crocodile River, and conveniently close to Hartbeespoort Dam.   Well, all this and more is possible by following a

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Save South African Tourism


Now is the time for us to stand together while standing apart.   It is important that we all do our best in ensuring that we maintain hygienic principles and that we all remain home, during this time, in our efforts to flatten the curve of COVID-19. As President Cyril Ramaphosa said in his speech,

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The Tractor Factor at African Blessings

Tractor Factor

Big Wheels for Big Dreams with the Tractor Factor initiative. The Tractor Factor at African Blessings, ties in with our ExtraOrdinary Escapes bargain cash deals. LPA donates R99 to African Blessings each time you purchase an ExtraOrdinary Escape. Recently African Blessing launched The Tractor Factor: Big Wheels for Big Dreams campaign. The African Blessings Team

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Mpumalanga: Rise with the Sun

Taking in the beauty of the Mpumalanga scenery

Over four billion years ago… Madagascar and Antarctica separated from Africa and left us with two contrasting regions that we now call the Lowveld and the Highveld. Mpumalanga is where the sun rises and its glory touches everything in its shadow. Mpumalanga is a place of many contrasts and visitors from all walks of life

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