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It’s a Summer Thing!
Dear LPA Member,
Welcome to that time of year - where the sun starts dancing, ice cream starts dripping and the beloved flip-flops make their return!

Summer is nature's way of saying, "let's party!" With a new decade on the horizon, we would like to share this very special edition with you. Filled with all types of treasures, stories about the Resorts, guides to help you along the way and articles to keep you in the loop.

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Since summer is here and It’s the Season of having a good time, we’ve decided to share a delicious Gin and Tonic recipe with you, so that the inner mixologist in you can create this cool beverage on your next Resort visit.

Lastly, we will look at why Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge should be the next place you visit; and all the important facts regarding the mining application near Ngwenya and the possible consequences on the surrounds.

Congratulations to John Martin and Margarida Marques!

John recently won an Exchange Voucher, and Margarida won her 2019 Portfolio Fee back in the LPA Survey Competition. A big thank you goes out to everyone that took part in the LPA Survey. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next competition!

Keep Calm. Summer is Here!

The LPA Team
‘It’s a summer thing’ – enjoy your refreshing drink, while soaking in the sun, taking in the view, and appreciate this time of year.
A Fresh Drink for a Sunny Summer Day
With us already deep into summer and the warm scorching sun being upon us – it’s that wonderful time of the year where you shed all the layers of clothes, wear your favourite summer-inspired swimming attire, lay on the beach or next to your much-loved Resorts Swimming Pool on an outdoor lounger – and cool off with a summer-ready cocktail. With Gin and Tonic still on everybody’s lips as the new trendy drink – we thought we would share this cool-downer recipe for you to enjoy on your next visit to your favourite home-away-from-home Resort.
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It’s finally here: the Little Eden website – come discover everything you love most about your favourite “Little” gem of a Resort.
Guess who joined the Facebook community? Your favourite ‘Sandy’ Resort in the heart of St Lucia – Sandy Place.
Your Slice of Sedgefield & Swartvlei or the PRL Group (Ciljohn, Garden Route Chalets, Garden Route Villas, Baywater Villiage) joined Facebook.
Ngwenya Lodge recently joined Instagram, and their website received a make-over - the new and improved website looks superb. Go see for yourself!
Your favourite Nature Reserve, Kagga Kamma, is in the early stages of revamping their website – and this one will surely take your breath away.
A few of our other Resorts, that we have not mentioned, are also online for your convenience, or will soon be, watch this space for more news about your Home Resort.
Crystal Springs
The History of the Panorama Route
Add a bit of historical-flair and culture on your next Crystal Springs trip.

When choosing Mpumalanga as your holiday destination – the Panorama Route should be your first choice. Mpumalanga, which is positioned farthest east within South Africa – is the first place where the light touches each morning. The word Mpumalanga literally translates to ‘the land of the rising sun’ in Swazi. The Panorama Route is a strategic holiday dictation, as it is connected to several cultural and natural points of interest within South Africa.

Add a bit of historical-flair and culture on your next trip to Crystal Springs, which is located on the Robber’s Pass near Pilgrims Rest. On your Panorama Route road trip, a route that is deeply entrenched within South African history, you will find numerous historical pit-stops. The Panorama Route played a vital part in many historic events, during the 1800’s. The use of this route dates back to 1871, when parts of the route were used as a transportation road.
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Ngwenya Lodge
2019 Mining Application
Stay in the loop with what’s happening with the mining application at Ngwenya.
Click Here to Get the Backstory
At a meeting held on the 16th of October 2019 between representatives of Manzolwandle Investments (Pty) Ltd (the mining applicant) and representatives for opposition to the mining, the following pertinent points were addressed:
  • The confirmation that the previous EIA was inadequate;

  • That a proper EIA and scoping would have to be conducted from scratch, as the applicants are not even sure a mine would be viable in the area;

  • The applicants indicated that they have reduced the area from 17,985 hectares to 10,000 hectares and that it no longer includes Marloth Park and Ngwenya Lodge as part of the area; and

  • The applicants undertook to notify the representatives for the opposition of whether they are going to withdraw the application in its entirety, or amend their application.
The representatives for the applicant further confirmed - on the 30th of October 2019, to a representative of the opposition - that they have requested an extension to allow enough time to do a proper EIA with the necessary reports.

We wish to thank those members who have participated and registered as I&AP’s to date.

Although the information that Ngwenya Lodge is being removed from the intended mining area is a positive sign and good news for all owners; we request that owners continue to partake in the process, especially considering that the area may well still affect and/or impact the Kruger National Park buffer zone.

We will notify you should we receive any further information or notification of further developments.
Keep an Eye on Ngwenya's Blog
for the Next Update
Sudwala Lodge
“Sudwala Lodge is the most exciting lodge I've ever been to, with lots of fun activities for both adults and children, which makes the holiday extra special. The cherry on top is Sudwala caves and Dinosaur Park.”
Mount Amanzi
“Best place to take your family, friendly staff and such a relaxing environment. I would recommend it to all families and couples. Also outside the Resort, there are lots of things to do: like the monkey and elephant sanctuary, cheese farm, French Toasties, Jasmyn Market, Lion Park and much more.”
Uvongo River Resort
“An excellent week away at Uvongo River Resort, friendly staff, great facilities, clean pool, mini-golf, and close to the beach and shops. Enjoyed the Week and would book at the Resort again. Every time it’s a fantastic holiday!”
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