LPA Options

Your week at your Home Resort is nearing!

LPA Options

Do you currently have a load of work commitments or family responsibilities; or would you simply like to make alternative plans at a time that is more suitable for you?


LPA Options plugs into availability from the largest exchange companies, and provides you with one search screen to browse all of your availability options!


With LPA Options' innovative platform you can:

1. Deposit your Home Resort week.
2. Exchange for Tokens to use towards a later date, larger unit size or different Resort.
3. Book your alternative holiday.

Click on the LPA Options button below to view the full How-to-Guide.

LPA Options How-To-Guide

Follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Log into your LPA account
2. Deposit your Week into LPA Options
3. Use your Tokens to Book for a Later Date, Larger Unit Size or Different Resort (An Exchange Fee applies)

Standard Terms and Conditions apply.

LPA Options Dashboard

Don’t want to bank to LPA Options right now?!

1. Then simply login to your LPA dashboard and select the “Bookings” icon.
2. Follow the simple route online to finalised your Booking.
3. Select “Confirm” to print out your Confirmation Letter thus confirming your stay at your LPA Resort.