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Whether you crave me-time or quality time with friends and family, your time-off should be a priority. With LPA you have the opportunity to invest in your future holidays and spend guaranteed time every year on the things that are really important to you.

Accredited Partners

VOASA: Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa

VOASA was established in 1990 in order to represent the interests of the South African Vacation Ownership Industry and to support the new buyers and owners of vacation ownership products. A key contributor to VOASA’s existence is to protect the consumer’s rights and to provide on-going growth within the industry.

We comply with VOASA’s regulations, making sure the operations within Uni-Vision is fair, transparent and continue to instil growth in the vacation ownership industry. 

Vacation Recreation Services (VRS) is the management company for Uni-Vision and was established in 2001 to manage the group’s ever-expanding portfolio of 26 resorts in South Africa, Botswana, Kenya and Mozambique.

VRS is responsible for the on- and off-site management of these resorts and the vital task of ensuring that the resorts achieve the highest possible standards and strive for maximum occupancy. The resulting benefits will be of advantage to the stakeholders and local communities in which these resorts are located. VRS is also the appointed managing agent to various vacation ownership clubs in the group, including LPA. Thus, LPA members can be rest assured that they are in very capable hands. 

For more information on VRS, please visit www.vrsonline.co.za.

DAE is the world’s largest privately owned timeshare exchange provider. It services the entire vacation ownership market, from timeshare weeks, to point’s club owners and fractional ownership.

Since the company’s formation in 1997, DAE has grown from a single office in Australia to offices in the UK, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, USA, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Thailand and China.

Uni-Vision is the owner of the Dial-An-Exchange (DAE) Sub-Saharan Africa Franchise. Due to LPA being one of the entities within Uni-Vision and its subsequent association with DAE, LPA members have access to over 2000 resorts worldwide as well access to DAE’s value-for-value bonus weeks which allow for more holidays, more often. 

For further information, please visit www.daelive.com.

RCI® is a global leisure travel services provider and is the worldwide leader in Exchange Holidays. Founded in 1974, RCI® fast became a driving force for growth within the timeshare industry and has been at the forefront of the holiday exchange industry ever since.

Through our affiliation with RCI, LPA members can exchange their week for holidays all over Southern Africa and the world. More specifically, our members now have access to more than 4000 resorts in almost 100 countries. 

For more information on RCI, please visit www.rci.co.za.

TradeUnipoint.com is an online vacation ownership reservation, rental and exchange system. It is a real time, online exchange database and operating system that allows vacation owners- whether they own product portfolios within points clubs, conventional timeshare, fractional ownership, exchange programmes or destination and private residency clubs- to deposit, bank, exchange and rent accommodation.

TradeUnipoint.com is Uni-Vision’s vacation rental agent that provides our LPA members with the option to rent out their week and earn rental income. 

For more information on TradeUnipoint.com, please visit www.tradeunipoint.com.

African Blessings is a Non Profit (NPO) and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) that was established by Rita Edkins in 2006 and is based at the Rustfontein Farm in Bronkhorstspruit. The organisation forms a special part of Uni-Vision and is founded on and guided by the simple mission statement: Faith and Love through Action.

African Blessings is intent on identifying and building projects aimed at uplifting and improving the quality of life of individuals, children, communities and animals that are in need of assistance. Their current focus and inspirational vision is Jochebed Children’s Village, a haven that will provide orphaned children with a safe environment to call home and a loving family to call their own. LPA is a proud supporter of African Blessings and strives to lend a helping hand wherever it can. 

For more information on African Blessings, please visit www.africanblessings.co.za.