About us

Whether you crave me-time or quality time with friends and family, your time-off should be a priority. With LPA you have the opportunity to invest in your future holidays and spend guaranteed time every year on the things that are really important to you.

The Perks


You will be guaranteed to have the week of YOUR CHOICE at a stunning LPA resort of YOUR CHOICE, every year!

Annual vacations with family and friends, so that you get to spend more time on the things that truly matter.

There are endless opportunities to unwind, relax and put your feet up.

You get access to top class resorts, both locally and internationally.

Financial sense, securing your 15 years of guaranteed time-off at the destination of your choice.

LPA Options is LPA’s very own members exclusive exchange pool, providing access to availability from the largest exchange companies such as RCI and 7Across – all on one search screen!


    Perks and Benefits

    Automatic membership to LPA Options as well as our exchange partners RCI, 7Across, and GoMelo

  • No additional membership fees
  • Low exchange fees
  • Worldwide availability
  • Unlimited Holiday Choices!
  • Access to bonus breaks through 7Across, which means more holidays, more often
  • A rental income opportunity through GoMelo.co.za where you will receive the Retail Value of your holiday less 20% commission

  • Holiday essentials made easy with LPA's Vacation Boosters

  • LPA offers its members the amazing opportunity to pre-book holiday essentials - such as meal vouchers, spa treatments, game drives and much more - before their vacation, in order to ensure all they need to do is arrive and relax. *This offering is Resort specific.

  • The LPA Dashboard

  • A convenient and easy to use online platform where you can book, bank, exchange and/or rent out your holiday week anywhere, anytime
    Perks and Benefits

    A lease agreement with the option to renew.

  • Great financial benefit for the term of your agreement compared to market related rental rate
  • An option to renew your agreement (with similar T’s and C’s) at reduced rate of 35% of the then-market-related rental rate;
  • The option to renew for a further 15 years

  • Enjoying EXTRAordinary Escapes throughout the year over and above your LPA Week

  • LPA members enjoy as many EXTRAordinary Escapes throughout the year as they would like at EXTRAordinarily low prices! Whether it be a full week, midweek or weekend, Members can enjoy those extra escapes they need and have MORE HOLIDAYS… MORE OFTEN.