The Beauty of Travel Blogs

travel blogs

The beauty of travel blogs What is the first thing you do when you start planning your holiday? Research, of course. You either scour the internet, read copious amounts of magazines and books, or even ask family members, friends and colleagues about the area. A simple and very convenient method of research is reading travel

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To pack or not to pack.

to pack or not

Greetings and salutations To pack or not to pack. That was my dilemma. For those of us who travel often we have a fairly good idea of what should be included in our baggage. There are, however times that we should consider our destination’s contribution to our comforts and being part of the leisure industry

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Change is as good as a holiday

good as a holiday

Following our breath taking NEW website we decided change truly is as good as a holiday in our case.  But creating something new requires leaving the old behind and delving into the unknown. That brings us to the controversial word CHANGE. Change is inevitable, especially in the business environment, keeping up with the latest trends

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