To pack or not to pack.

Greetings and salutations

To pack or not to pack. That was my dilemma.

For those of us who travel often we have a fairly good idea of what should be included in our baggage. There are, however times that we should consider our destination’s contribution to our comforts and being part of the leisure industry to boot, I was left dumbfounded as to my daftness.

This saga involves the business trip to Mpumalanga that our department went on and this particular story took place at the picturesque Sudwala Lodge. The small group included mostly ladies and only Frankie was bright enough to pack a hair-dryer. She went on an early morning jog in the misty tropics while I had a lengthy and soothing shower. My hair was washed and conditioned; squeaky clean, silky soft but wet.

Time was of the essence as an early breakfast was on the cards so that we could leave for Crystal Springs.

Over a span of 2 weeks a bout of uninvited head colds had circulated the staff at work and I did not particularly want to play host to the sneaky little beast which I had victoriously kept at bay for over a decade.

It was early morning with mist hovering over the encircling mountains so sun-drying was out of the question. The only means of heat that I could possibly think of was the oven. While it was warming up, I bent forward to take a look at the inside workings of the oven. With partially dry hair I needed to skedaddle to the dining room. The result, my hair looked like an overused bushel of steel wool. I will eternally wonder what the staff’s thoughts were on one of the representatives from head office.

Oh well, good times and bad times but nothing can be worse than a bad hair day.