Change is as good as a holiday

Following our breath taking NEW website we decided change truly is as good as a holiday in our case.  But creating something new requires leaving the old behind and delving into the unknown. That brings us to the controversial word CHANGE.

Change is inevitable, especially in the business environment, keeping up with the latest trends and staying competitive in an ever changing environment requires risk taking.

That said, if you thought CHANGE is scary in your work environment even more so in our personal lives.  CHANGE comes at us from every angle, are you ready to embrace it?  The good news is that, no matter how daunting, CHANGE is very positive, it propels us to grow in all areas of our lives and gets us out of that comfort zone.

Do we find ourselves in a rut with the same old routine, getting up – going to work, getting home, eating dinner and going to bed?

Let’s spice up our lives a bit, that’s what we did with this fantastic holiday product.  Get up earlier and read a book, go to gym and don’t forget date night.  And most importantly get away and take a break, you know what they say change is as good as a holiday – so go on holiday.

Investing in some time-off for yourself and your family is one of those positive changes that you can make.  It is so easy and affordable.

Envision getting away from a tedious and exhausting routine and drifting into a change of scenery, of pace and activity. Start planning now and reward yourself for the time-off that you have worked so hard for.

LPA is an entirely new holiday offering.  No points and no disappointments.  You purchase a set week of the year and it’s yours for 5-15 years.  LPA guarantees your holiday at top quality resorts and you can exchange your holiday destination to anywhere in the world.

So why not take the leap and make the change, with LPA the choice is yours

The LPA Team