The Beauty of Travel Blogs

The beauty of travel blogs

What is the first thing you do when you start planning your holiday? Research, of course. You either scour the internet, read copious amounts of magazines and books, or even ask family members, friends and colleagues about the area.

A simple and very convenient method of research is reading travel and lifestyle blogs. By doing so you can gain insight on other people’s first-hand experiences of towns, areas and even specific accommodation. This also eliminates the tediousness from planning a holiday. A personally written blog adds a personal touch to the whole affair. Whether you’re looking to travel abroad, or prefer travelling locally and exploring the treasures of our beautiful country, try these blogs:


Insights on all of the above-mentioned blogs include things like the best restaurants to visit, must-see places and experiences, and the best places to stay. You will also find tips on how and what to pack for your trip, the best travelling advice, travelling with, popular destinations and undiscovered gems, what you need to know when travelling to your destination, and more.