A Hot Chocolate Kind of Day…

Le Fera’s delicious hot chocolate…

Creamy, fresh hot chocolate cup


We just wanted to make sure that your favourite winter time should not be the day it ends, which is around the corner, mind you! Don’t let the cooler weather cover up all the beautiful things you can enjoy as we get ready to enter spring. There is one special thing to be enjoyed in cooler days that makes you forget winter’s sting. Yes, hot chocolate. Here is how you can enjoy the best hot chocolate, courtesy of Le Fera Restaurant


marshmellow hot chocolate

The Best Creamy Hot Chocolate


What you’ll need:

• 3 Cups Full Cream Milk

• 1 Cup Pouring Cream

• 2 Tbsp. Icing Sugar

• 2 150g Slabs of Chocolate (Milk or Dark Chocolate)

• Mini Marshmallows (Optional)


How to make:

Turn on the stove to a medium heat. Before placing your saucepan on the heat, whisk your milk, pouring cream and sugar together. When your stovetop has reached a medium heat, place your saucepan on it and allow it to slowly warm while you stir continually. This mixture must not boil; but you should start seeing small bubbles and steam form. Turn off your stovetop and add your chocolate by breaking it into pieces. This will be great fun for the kids! Slowly mix in the chocolate so that the creamy white turns a rich chocolaty colour. Serve in your favourite mugs sprinkled with mini-marshmallows.

There you have it! A sweet goodbye to winter!