LPA Educational Blogs: 3. Affiliate Organisations


Our affiliated partner offers an array of different services and/or products to add more value to your Portfolio and to ensure that you, our valued Members, have access to even more holiday options. Find out more in this mini-blog about LPA’s Affiliate Organisations.


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Which Exchange Companies am I affiliated to?

You are affiliated with: RCI and 7Across.

RCI is a global leisure travel services provider and is the worldwide leader in Exchange Holidays.

7Across is a Global Exchange System where Members can maximise the value of their vacation ownership with highly-personalized exchange services, exclusive travel discounts and real rewards.

Through affiliations with 7Across and RCI, LPA members can Exchange their week for holidays all over Southern Africa and the world. Exchanging your Home Resort Week means you first need to Deposit it for Tokens of the same value, pay an Exchange Fee and Book through one of the Exchange Partners or LPA Options to secure an alternative holiday. This also means that you can go on holiday to the destination of your choice and time that is more suitable for you.

In the event that you cannot go on holiday at all – you have a whole two (2) year window in which to use those Tokens.

*You would Exchange (7Across, RCI or LPA Options) your holiday for Tokens should YOU wish to go on holiday in the same period, but at a different time.


Which Rental Company am I affiliated to?

You are affiliated with: GoMelo. GoMelo is an Online Rental holiday system.

GoMelo is LPA’s rental company of choice that provides LPA members with the option to rent out their accommodation interval and earn rental income, or to confirm additional holidays on a rental paying basis.

Renting out your Home Resort Week means that you first need to Deposit your Week as a Rental option. This can be done via LPA’s Online Portal which allows you to select GoMelo as a Rental Partner, to choose for what rate you would like to rent out your Home Resort week and earn rental income.

*You would Rent (GoMelo) your holiday to a private buyer should YOU not be able to go on your holiday, nor are interested in a different holiday in the same period.


Who is the Managing Agent for the Leisure Portfolio Association?

Our Managing Agent, VRS (Vacational Recreational Services (PTY) Ltd), is one of the leading Managing Agents in the Timeshare industry. VRS is responsible for the on- and off-site management of the VRS Club Resorts and the vital task of ensuring that the Resorts achieve the highest possible standards. For more details click here.


Which Travel Agency am I affiliated with?

We, here at LPA, would like to ensure that your holiday goes without a hitch and that the planning of your trip is as effortless as possible. It is for this reason that we would like to recommend you to ACT Travel – our preferred travel service provider.


What benefits do you have when using ACT Travel?

  • Travel Packages and Tours
  • Domestic and International Flights
  • Car Hire
  • Travel Insurance
  • VISA Advice
  • Foreign Exchange Assistance
  • Airport Shuttles and Transfers
  • Accommodation and Packages at Mnarani Club in Kenya


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