The Tractor Factor at African Blessings

Big Wheels for Big Dreams with the Tractor Factor initiative.

The Tractor Factor at African Blessings, ties in with our ExtraOrdinary Escapes bargain cash deals. LPA donates R99 to African Blessings each time you purchase an ExtraOrdinary Escape.

Tractor Factor - ExtraOrdinary Escapes

Recently African Blessing launched The Tractor Factor: Big Wheels for Big Dreams campaign. The African Blessings Team is always trying to improve the quality of life on the farm for the children at the Jochebed Children’s Village, but also for the communities in the surrounding areas.

We need your assistance, to help improve the lush green farm at African Blessing by securing an agricultural-use tractor and slasher.

The Team recently ran a “name the tractor” campaign on the African Blessings’ Facebook page – and the name selected, by popular demand, is ‘Tonks’. Click here to have a look!

Tractor Factor

Thank you very much for purchasing our ExtraOrdinary Escapes bargain cash deals! You are helping to make our dream a reality at African Blessings. With each R99 that LPA donates to African Blessings, we are coming closer to our goal to buy the tractor and the slasher!

This will not only improve the farming operations at the Farm, which currently rely on domestic equipment, but also creates a safer environment for the kids on the farm; as the tractor will be used to clear paths and create firebreaks to protect the farm against hazardous wildfires.

Let’s continue to support the great initiatives at African Blessings!

No matter how small, every cent counts! So get in touch with us on 012 996 5106 to book your ExtraOrdinary Escape or simply donate to:

Account Name: African Blessings
Bank: First National Bank
Branch Code: 250655
Account Number: 62065437355
Reference: The Tractor Factor

“Part of being a person is about helping others.” ― Regis Murayi

Tractor Factor - African Blessings