Why everyone SHOULD go on vacation

Whenever we are considering doing something in our lives, changing jobs, taking up a certain hobby starting a diet, the first thing we tend to do is research why that particular aspiration is good for us – how it will benefit us or improve our lives.

Well, if that’s what is needed to convince us to go on some annual vacations, then look no further! We had a look at what the benefits are from taking vacations at least once a year, and this is what we found:

  • Taking vacations reduces your stress levels

    Yup, going away and relaxing helps to shrink our stress levels as well as our anxiety levels. Our brains need to take a break from deadlines, staring at technology and following strict schedules. This will not only leave you feeling physically more relaxed but will improve the mental health of the entire family. So what are you waiting for? We think the holidays are calling!
  • It improves our health

    Being overworked, under pressure and too stressed are often major causes of a number of illnesses. Our bodies need rest to be able to fight off those bugs and sicknesses that attack when we are tired and our immune system is low. So go and relax, enjoy the vitamin D that your body needs to make you healthier and happier!
  • Going on vacation improves your relationships

    It is no secret that when people get stressed they tend to become tense, depressed, tired and/or irritable. This in return effects the way in which we behave in our relationships, be it marital, family, or work relationships. Taking the much needed breakaway from the source of stress will help you rest, relax and refresh your mind and soul. It gives you time to reconnect with your family and to have fun. So plan that family road trip or romantic retreat! You and your loved ones deserve it.
  • Going on vacation increases productivity

    This is a great one to share with your employer. When we are constantly working, our stress levels rise and creativity diminishes because our minds have no chance to rest and be inspired. Going on vacation allows people to rest and refresh their minds, to get some inspiration so that when they return to work they are refocused and can look at problems with a new mind.
  • Most importantly, it increases happiness

    Research shows that going on vacation increases serotonin (the happy hormone) and regulates melatonin. These are huge influences of happiness. The excitement in planning a vacation and the enjoyment on the actual holiday all contribute to making us happier humans! This is what is most important.

So there you have it! Vacations are fantastic for your health and well being.

So why wait? Invest in your future vacations with LPA!