How to Renew or Swap my Agreement?

If your membership is up for renewal, we are excited to let you know that you have OPTIONS!
Yes, as always with LPA, the choice is yours!


Renewing or changing-up your membership is simple –

  1. You can renew your current membership (we have several membership options for you to choose from – 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 year membership)
  2. You can swap your week and make any of our available Resorts your new home-away-from-home


What does swapping your week for a new one mean?

It means you can choose a new Holiday destination and time from the available pool, to replace your current Home Resort week, and head there annually to create new memories at your new holiday home-away-from-home.

And, of course, discovering the delights of a new holiday experience means identifying new favourite spots and activities at your new holiday home. It means capturing your children’s moments-of-delight-and-discovery  in new, awe-inspiring settings! It means making new friends that will soon become family and providing your loved ones with the incredible holiday memories they deserve.

P.S. Don’t worry about the admin! We will ensure that the process is as simple and easy for you, as possible.


If you don’t see an option you like, chat to us. We will always do whatever we can to accommodate your individual needs, as far as possible.

Contact our LPA experts for more information, or to renew or swap your holiday portfolio
012 996 5106 | enquiries@leisureportfolio.co.za | www.leisureportfolio.co.za

Please note that you would still be liable for any outstanding balances on your account, if it is not up-to-date.