LPA Member Exclusive Workshops

There is an age old adage that says “knowledge is power” and how do you get power … you take it!

Speaking of knowledge and power and taking it…

LPA offers you, our valued member, a tailor-made, exclusive to LPA, Workshop. No other club has ventured where we are venturing with these sessions! How SPECTACULAR is that?

It’s exciting, it’s informative, and it’s just for our Members!

These amazing information sessions are all about providing an LPA member, with everything they need to make the most of their LPA membership, as well as keep them up to date with all the product developments and any new offerings available.

We want our members to feel confident in making the most of all the advantages of their investment and provide them with the opportunity to feel more comfortable using our online platform. There is nothing more important than the happiness of our members!

Some of the Awesome Stuff the Workshops cover:

  • A recap on what LPA is
  • How members occupy their LPA week
  • All the Benefits that come with being an LPA member
  • Making sure they are comfortable with using our fantastic streamlined online platform
  • And much more!

So What Does One of Our LPA Experts Have to Say About the Presentations?

“I find members always feel more at ease after the workshops, the most common thing we hear is ‘Oh that’s actually so easy’. A lot of members feel very intimidated by the website and all the functionalities, but once we have taken them through it step-by-step they feel much more equipped and in fact actually excited to go home and try it for themselves.” – Miché Le Roux LPA Supervisor and Workshop Presenter

There is nothing better than knowing we have helped a member with something they were struggling with, or made them feel more comfortable with their product and seeing them happy and satisfied that they are able to get the best out of their investments. That is what LPA is all about!

“Consider each customer as a family member who deserves nothing but the best service.”