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As a Member of LPA, you will always have a variety of different options available as part of your holiday Portfolio. There are endless opportunities for you to unwind, relax and put your feet up. Find out more in this mini-blog about your Portfolio.


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Did you know you are guaranteed an annual holiday at your Home Resort, as long as your fees are in good standing?


You can simply Deposit your Week to get Tokens to the value of your LPA Home Resort Week. You can have peace of mind knowing that you can come back and book a holiday at a time and place that suits you.


You can search all the holiday availability at multiple Resorts, from the largest Exchange Companies such as RCI and 7Across, or our own LPA Options, through one Exchange Platform. You can simply Deposit your Week, browse availability and complete your Exchange with just a few clicks on LPA’s Dashboard. Remember that an Exchange Fee is payable.

How do I Exchange my Home Resort Week?

In order to Exchange your week, you need to first Deposit your week with one of the Exchange Partners (7Across or RCI) or LPA Options.

LPA’s Online Portal How-To-Guide:

LPA Options

Exchange Partners (7Across or RCI)


Deposit YOUR week through LPA’s Online Platform to GoMelo as a Rental Option. If your Week is booked, you will receive a monetary return (20% Commission Fee is payable to GoMelo).


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