LPA Resort Stories: Time has not figured love’s weaknesses

We have three wonderful stories to share from our LPA resorts

because, well…because there is nothing as effective as a beautiful story to warm the heart

To be taken on a journey, from the comfort of your home or office chair, is a sure-fire way to warm your cockles. We have three wonderful stories to share, each of which unfolded at an LPA resort, and they are sure to warm you up inside.

A happily ever-after tale…
Celebrating growing old together at Manzi Monaté

You have heard of Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra and Anthony, Aladdin and Jazmine; but we stumbled on a fairy-tale set at Manzi Monaté. Manzi Monaté is called home by many, and guests flock there for different reasons, at different times. Some go to relax and experience the renowned hospitality; they love the tranquil setting and the peace that oozes from the famous Manzi Monaté gardens. Some take friends and family to experience first-hand why Manzi Monaté is known as a resort that celebrates and promotes family values and family-fun activities. There are a myriad of reasons many call Manzi Monaté home and keep coming back for more.

Holiday to celebrate love

Jimmy and Thelma went to Manzi Monaté for some time out in a beautiful setting. Time to reflect and celebrate the important things in life. But on this occasion, they went to celebrate love – their love for one another, to be exact. They met many years ago, fell in love and have been walking side-by-side for 62 years! Holding hands they strolled up the Manzi Monaté lawn and it was plain for all to see how this couple gives life to the phrase “the two shall become one”

Jimmy and Thelma wedding anniversary at Manzi Monaté

Vocal advocates of love they are, and they took the time to share some of their life-lessons and wisdom with the youth they chatted to during the weekly resort meet-and-greet session. There is no need to ask, given the chance to go another 62 years together, they would jump at the chance with bells on! What an inspiration! We celebrate Jimmy and Thelma.

Unique I Do’s at an LPA resort…

While Manzi Monaté celebrated Jimmy and Thelma’s monumental milestone in the area of love, Mabalingwe Nature Reserve was chosen as the ideal spot for two young lovers to begin their matrimonial journey.

Young love at Mabalingwe Nature Reserve

The lovely couple decided to have their big day at Mabalingwe’s Kameelperd Watergat, surrounded by friends and family. The big blues skies put on the brightest display, making the day ever-so-beautiful and extra-special for the bride and groom. The celebrations began in earnest once the bridal party arrived at the famous Kalahari Oasis Pub, along with their 120 guests. The outdoor, natural and rustic theme of the wedding truly set it apart.

Wedding at Mabalingwe Nature Reserve

The Le Fera team stepped in at the appropriate time to serve up succulent spit braai, several delicious fresh salads and warm rolls fresh from the oven. Not to be out staged, Modise – everyone’s favourite Kalahari Oasis DJ (and barman) – ushered the bridal couple onto the dance floor with the perfect soundtrack as they took their first dance-steps as a married couple. Soon the dance floor was packed with happy wedding goers as the blue skies, right on cue, made way for the big night’s moon and the celestial show began in honour of the happy couple.

Wedding at Mabalingwe Nature Reserve

It is moments like these that bring into focus what is really important in this world and being able to play a part in setting the stage for this kind of magical events is exactly what gets our LPA blood pumping. We would, once again, like to congratulate Mr and Mrs Ducket and wish you many happy years of bliss, blue skies and magical nights. May you celebrate your love in 62 years’ time, just like Jimmy and Thelma did.

The beauty of seeing something for the first time

There is something very appealing about ‘new’. A new day, a new season, new-car-smell, the gliding sweep of a new pen… these things make us appreciate life even more. Remember when you saw your home resort for the first time? Yes, even if it was just on the website, but the emotions were so real that you’d swear you were there already.

Manzi Monaté Baby Story

The De Vries family made their way to Manzi Monaté in June and would be there for 3 weeks. This was no ordinary visit; this was a family going ‘home’ to receive a very special, new blessing. On the 6th of June, Baby Eljoenai’s mother began having contractions and it became apparent that the gift they had travelled from Kroonstad to receive was on her way. On the evening of 6th June, Baby Eljoenai was born.  A while later, ‘home’ from hospital, the parents sat in complete adoration as Baby Eljoenai felt the first sunrays touch her newborn skin as the family sat together in the welcoming and peaceful surrounds of the Manzi Monaté grounds.

Celebrating new life at Manzi Monaté

This was a first for Manzi Monaté and the team were so delighted to be able to share this special occasion with the family. As LPA, we are honoured that the family chose Manzi Monaté to be the first home of such a precious gift. One of the Eljoenai’s first garments was a Manzi Monaté onesie. We got to share in this amazing ‘brand new’ life moment and honestly,  we can’t wipe the smiles off our faces. Welcome Baby Eljoenai!

Baby born at Manzi Monaté

Our passion lies in making sure that we set the right platform for your stories to come to life. We are the canvas and your stories are the magic paint that beautifies us. We work at creating the best environment for creating everlasting holiday memories.