Mpumalanga: Rise with the Sun

Over four billion years ago…

Madagascar and Antarctica separated from Africa and left us with two contrasting regions that we now call the Lowveld and the Highveld. Mpumalanga is where the sun rises and its glory touches everything in its shadow. Mpumalanga is a place of many contrasts and visitors from all walks of life come to soak in the beauty on display; it is an escape from the busy city life and  it has so many activities that one can engage in to leave one totally refreshed.

This truly African mix of plains and mountains boasts the most incredible variety of game and flowers. It is home to the world’s oldest cave systems and has in its portfolio the world’s third-largest canyon. Mountains and valleys stretching for thousands of kilometres carpeted with the best vegetation. It leaves other provinces green with envy.

Fortunately, urbanisation has not ruined the paradise that Mpumalanga harbours. Mpumalanga is home to some of the best resorts and lodges in the country that have a pillow to spare for all those that have discovered this slice of heaven.

It is not by chance that Sudwala Lodge is located right in the same area as the Sudwala Caves and the Sudwala Dinosaur Park. The tranquillity it offers to its guests can only be described as both magical and historic. Sudwala Lodge’s stunning location is a feast for the eyes and the splendour of the area attracts spectators from all corners of the country. Whether you fancy a dip in the pool or a relaxing and refreshing breather in the Jacuzzi, Sudwala Lodge has unlimited facilities aimed at leaving you totally invigorated. This resort caters for the entire family with activities like tennis, mini-golf and guided walks. This is a true gem for all those seeking to shed fatigue and put on a garment of new energy.

Crocodiles can live up to 80 years, yes 80 years! It is therefore not a coincidence that one of Mpumalanga’s Gold-Crown RCI resorts, and one of LPA’s top-notch destinations, is called Ngwenya Lodge, Ngwenya meaning ‘crocodile’. Overlooking the Crocodile River, it is known for its diverse game and idyllic setting along the southern boundary of the Kruger National Park. Ngwenya is a haven for all lovers of wildlife and with an abundance of bird species, it is ideal for avid birders.

In the bid to prolong and improve quality of life, man has looked to nature for solutions to some of his challenges. One method that has long been practiced is the use of crystals as a form of healing and medicine. By placing crystals on energy points of the human body, many have attested to the healing power brought on by crystals. Mpumalanga is home to an oasis called Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge, with mystical forests, breath-taking misty views and the sounds of nature all around. This high-altitude mountain getaway offers everything from spending a blissful afternoon on a private patio, soaking up views and enjoying free roaming game, to wandering along the renowned Mpumalanga Panorama Route.

Mpumalanga offers a myriad of reasons for a visit. It is where nature has chosen to exhibit its splendour. If the many attractions – like Goliath’s Footprint found in New Scotland, in the Mpuluzi region – do not leave a deep impression, Mpumalanga will not stop revealing its beautiful layers until you are fully immersed in its magnificence.

Mpumalanga beautiful sunset