The latest and greatest travel trends of 2017

When someone mentions travel trends, it’s easy to think “Trends? Don’t people just go where they feel like going at that moment?” Well, actually that isn’t necessarily the way people operate. You see there are so many factors that influence people’s travel plans and of course which destinations they decide to travel to. Like different economies, political stability, finances, Global Warming and cultural variety – and more!

What are the universal biggies? What type of destinations do travellers tend to flock to? Well, unique wonders of the world are certainly places right up there on the popularity scale– especially natural wonders. With Global Warming altering and affecting the environment many travellers have a sense of urgency to truly appreciate nature in all its splendour. So, destinations that focus on the magnificent wonders of nature and the like – are then “naturally” trending in 2017 and beyond.

Something else that seems to be trending amongst the average traveller is value for money. This includes the traveller weighing up their country’s currency, with the intended destination’s currency and economy. So people tend to opt for destinations that are friendlier on their wallets.

So what specifics are on the cards for 2017? Check out some predicted trends for 2017:

  • Travelling to Endangered and Fast-Changing Destinations

As the trend above implied, many travellers want to see those magnificent, one-of-a-kind natural wonders before they disappear. Or opt for travel destinations that were previously “taboo” destinations for some reason or other (like Cuba). These are some of the major influencing factors in the destinations travellers choose in 2017. Destinations that fall under this category include – Antarctica, The Great Barrier Reef and Venice.

  • Active or Adventure Travelling

Then there are the “live for the moment” or “if you are not living life on the edge you are taking up too much space” type of travellers. These travellers seek and crave crazy, different or the adrenaline rush type of adventures. So it is no surprise that travelling to destinations that offer a wide variety of adventure options and are known as “different”, are popular choices. These destinations include South Africa (of course we are an awesome destination), New Zealand, Peru and Galapagos Islands. Not that we are biased or anything but South Africa truly is an adventurer’s dream – from Shark Cage Diving in Cape Town, various thrilling bungee and bridge swinging experiences like at the Soweto Towers, to Zip-lining all over the country and micro-lighting and more.

  • Wellness Travel

In a world that swarms, revolves around and constantly seeks at creating and acquiring new technologies – noise, busyness, increased stress levels, fast pace working environments and the never ending hustle and bustle – has become the societal norm. It is no wonder that people are choosing to escape it all and travel to places where they can “unplug” and unwind. Places that offer travellers “digital detoxes” like Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve in the Cederberg area, have and will become increasingly more popular in 2017 with travellers craving to unwind and relax.

  • A Culture Filled Experience

Gone are the days when people wanted to live and travel in a homogenous bubble. Now travellers are eager to taste, see and experience different communities and cultures that are found all over the world. Travelling to indigenous and tropical communities and cultures will be a rising travel trend from 2017 and on. Destinations include Laos, Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Cuba.

  • Local is Lekker

With many people becoming more budget conscious, but at the same time needing and loving vacation time, travelling locally is a top predicted trend for 2017 beyond. This is not a bad thing though. Travelling within the country people live in is a great opportunity for travellers to experience everything special about their country. Think customised playlists, yummy snacks and bonding time with your loved ones – think road trips! Who says affordable has to be boring?

*Road trip to Mpumalanga or along the Garden Route anyone?