LPA Educational Blogs: 2. LPA Payments


Breathe, yes it’s the dreaded LPA Payments that nobody wants to talk about, Aaaah! But don’t run away just yet, because when it comes to your LPA Payments – knowledge is power – and for you to fully utilise your Portfolio and to make it work for you – it’s important to have an in-depth understanding of what Payments you’re paying and why you are paying them.  In this mini-blog, we will be talking more about the various LPA Payments as part of your Agreement.


* Did you know the Payments you pay depend on the type of Agreement you have with LPA? Contact an LPA Expert for more information relating to your particular Agreement – enquiries@leisureportfolio.co.za.


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Foundation Fee or Deposit (Credit Agreement):

Simply put, this Payment is your “start-off” Fee. You pay this Payment when you activate your Membership with LPA and to receive your allocated Timeshare Module (your choice of Resort and Week). This once-off Fee is an administrative Fee to activate your account both online and on paper, and to make sure you can start planning for that long-awaited holiday at your new home-away-from-home.


Lease Amount or Capital Fee (Credit Agreement):

LPA lets you hire their Timeshare Module (at your Home Resort in your selected Week) for a set term (usually 15 years). An LPA Member will generally pay the Lease Amount (sometimes referred to as the Capital Fee) over 84 months (7 years) or as specified in the terms and conditions contained in your Agreement. After this period, a nominal once-off Annual Fee, as stipulated in the Agreement, is payable over the remaining 8 years in order to keep the Agreement active.


Portfolio Fee or Association Fee (Credit Agreement):

This Fee needs to be paid monthly for the up-keep and servicing of your Home Resort, as well as any other related associated costs to your Portfolio.

  • Your Portfolio Fee will be raised 15 months prior to your occupation date.
  • Your Portfolio Fee is payable in 12 monthly instalments from the 15 months before your occupation date, meaning that you must pay your Portfolio Fee in full at least 3 (three) full calendar months before your occupation.


To summarise the above three Payments:

Join LPA and pay a once-off Foundation Fee < pay Lease Amount for first 7 years < pay an Annual Fee for remaining 8 years as well as a Portfolio Fee monthly for the full duration of your agreement for the upkeep of your Club Resort.


* Please also note that when making an Exchange Reservation online through the LPA Dashboard, an Exchange Fee is payable to proceed with the Exchange to another Club Resort, at a time that is more suitable for you. Please note that it is subject to change annually.


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