Exchanging your week on LPA Options

Has ‘life happened’ and circumstances mean that you are unable to make use of your Home Resort week this year?
Have you loved your holidays to your Home Resort over the last couple of years, but the family are ready for a change?

NO PROBLEM! With LPA Options you can deposit your Home Resort week into the LPA Options pool and receive Tokens (the LPA Options currency) in exchange. You can then use your Tokens to book an alternate holiday from the pool of available holiday destinations and options at a time and Resort that best suits your needs. LPA Options includes availability from some of the largest international exchange groups, giving you even more options!

Here is the basic step-by-step process to deposit, exchange and book your alternative holiday via LPA Options:

  1. Log on to the LPA portal – http://online.leisureportfolio.co.za/
  2. Deposit your week for tokens
    Select Deposit, then select LPA Options, and follow the prompts to finish the depositing process.
    Your deposited week has now been added to the LPA Options pool and you have been credited with tokens to the same value as your deposited week, to use against a new booking.
  3. Book a holiday with your tokens
    Select Bookings and then click on the Make a Booking button. Use the Search Availability window to find available intervals. Select a resort from the search results and click Book.

Please note that an exchange fee will apply when making a booking on LPA Options.


Don’t have enough Tokens?

No problem – we have a variety of upgrade and top-up options to ensure that you and your family get the holiday you deserve.

  • Top up on tokens at an additional fee per token

  • Upgrade your tokens to book a holiday in a higher season

  • Accumulate tokens*

* Tokens may only be accumulated for 3 years


Feel free to contact our LPA experts for more information or assistance
012 996 5106 | enquiries@leisureportfolio.co.za | www.leisureportfolio.co.za

If you are not planning to use your own week, don’t lose it! Deposit it earlier, get your Tokens and book an alternative holiday.

Did you know that you can deposit your week to LPA Options after paying just 25% of your portfolio fee? This will give you more time to plan an exchange and give you more availability in advance. Just remember T&C’s apply and you need to keep paying after the 25%. Find out more