A true family getaway

Family getaways are all about celebrating the things that bring you together as a unit; reminding you that what connects you can outlive any squabbles over the TV remote. Although the major reason for holidays is relaxation, they also are an opportunity to get the family out of their comfort-zone. “Live a little”, that is the motto that drives a family holiday. We have highlighted a number of activities for mom, dad, Lil’ Nicky and Sam from our various resorts; these will come in handy when you are deciding on your next getaway.

Family out on holiday at an LPA resort



Lying in bed and watching sports is a no-no for dad during the holiday. It might sound like the perfect activity to enjoy complete relaxation but that he can do on any given Saturday afternoon at home; besides, TV is a buzz kill when the objective is to spend more time with the family.

Game drive at Mabalingwe Nature Reserve


The activities below are governed by the only phrase that will get Dad’s attention, sports and adventure.

Game Drives and night-drives are the best pastimes for Dad. They appeal to the explorer in him that just wants to put on shorts, a hat and boots, and tame the wild. Mabalingwe Nature Reserve is second to none when it comes to Game Drives and Night-Drives.


Dad exploring nature at a family getaway in Mabalaingwe Nature Reserve


Boat launching is a sure way of getting the adventurer’s spirit awakened. Baywater Village is perfect for water activities that get your heart-pumping and leave you with memories that will outlive the holiday. The below water sport activities are available for all daring spirits:

  • Canoeing
  • Paddle boating
  • Dingy motor boating
  • Stand up paddle boarding
  • Speedboat cruises
  • Water tubing


Water games at a family getaway at Baywater Village


Federer who? The Ngwenya Lodge tennis court is the perfect opportunity for dad to showcase his Master skills against other guests, or family-members to prove once and for all to the kids that he was once an incredible tennis player. And after that taxing exercise, dad can go relax on a recliner while catching fish at the Ngwenya Lodge catch and release facility.



You have been at it all year; taking care of the family. Now it is your turn to be taken care of. No, no feeling guilty, it is your turn.

Mom at a spa in Kagga Kamma during a family getaway


You are about to enter a stress-free zone. Your “me-time” starts with a pampering at the spa. Explore the power of touch as you enjoy a massage from one of the professional masseuses at Mount Amanzi. If you are looking for ‘Wow’, Kagga Kamma has just the thing – experience the recently launched open air spa; we promise you, you will be a story-teller after the experience.

spa at Kagga Kamma


But your skin and your mind keep telling you that they came to the resort for fresh air and fresh perspective. Why not exchange the slippers for sneakers and conquer the hiking trail. Little Eden has an 8km hiking trail that is surrounded by nature’s most elegant flora blanket. Take the kids and challenge dad, a hiking trail is one of nature’s best bonding sessions.

Mom enjoying facial at Kagga kamma during family holday getaway


There are a myriad of activities that are designed to leave you feeling so relaxed…

  • Indoor Heated Pool (Mount Amanzi)
  • Clubhouse with Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room (Crystal Springs)
  • Le Fera Beauty Spa (Crystal Springs)
  • Kagga Kamma Spa and Open Air Spa (Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve)


Lil Nicky (Kids)

Looking for ways to keep your kids entertained over the holiday? Leave that to us. We have a variety of activities geared to keep the young mind entertained and stimulated. The Manzi Monaté holiday programme for kids is a big hit. It includes games that are meant to educate and impart proper life-skills, like teamwork, that will prove to be useful long after the holiday.

Kids enjoying games on a family holiday getaway at Manzi Monaté


These are some of the resorts that offer Holiday programmes for kids:

  • Manzi Monaté
  • Monateng Safari Lodge
  • Sudwala Lodge
  • Little Eden Resort
  • Crystal Springs
  • Ngwenya Lodge
  • Mount Amanzi
  • Uvongo River Resort
  • Baywater Village
  • Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve


Kids holiday activities at Manzi Monaté


It would seem Ngwenya Lodge had little ones in mind when they were adding fun features to the resort. There is a chalkboard that invites toddlers to come create their own personal work of art. There are colouring books in store that stimulate creativity and a jungle gym that makes sure that they experience some physical activity-type fun too.

Family getaway activities at Manzi Monaté for kids


Monkey Business (Little Eden)

Kiddies Room (Ngwenya Lodge)

Kiddies Play Area with Scooter Track (Mount Amanzi)


Sam (Outdoor Fun)

This is the perfect opportunity for your teenagers and young adults to engage in a digital detox (if you can convince them). Our resorts’ activities are more than capable of luring them away from screens and electronics. Sudwala Lodge has a plethora of activities that are very effective in enticing guests to ditch mobile devices and just head out and enjoy physical activities.

Enjoying outdoor activities on a family getaway


Eco Teens Club (Mabalingwe Nature Reserve)

BMX Track (Little Eden)

Hiking, and a soccer and rugby field (Ngwenya Lodge)

Mini Golf (Ngwenya Lodge)

Cricket (Mount Amanzi)


Colour run at Sudwala Lodge


For Both Mom and Dad

With mystical forests, breathtaking views and the sounds of nature all around you, the magic of Crystal Springs is yours to discover. It is a lovers’ paradise; a romantic ballad whose melodic notes tip-toe to every heart that dares to approach it. Mom and dad will enjoy taking time out to reconnect. Let the gentle caress of Crystal Springs set the right mood for you and your special one. All of this is possible because Crystal Springs has baby-sitting services that can be arranged after 17:00, and Le Fera’s Mom’s Night-Off makes sure that undivided attention is given to Mom and Dad time.


Clubhouse with Jacuzzi and sauna (Crystal Springs)

Nature Drives (Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve)

Baby Sitting Services (Kruger Park Lodge)

Renew your vows (Mount Amanzi)

The joy of others has more positive effect on us than history has recorded; when your partner is happy, that automatically makes you happy. The joy of parents lies in the whimsical laughter of their kids. It is in view of this that we make sure that holiday activities are geared for all members of the family.

Family getaway with whole family